Social Media

social media marketingA few years ago, social media began to expand and grow.  It is now one of largest traffic sources for a dentist and their office.  We first started connecting with friends and family around the world using sites like MySpace.  Then the  social media craze took off and other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Sokule, Tumblr, Google Plus, Plenty of Fish and many others started popping up all over the web.  People could now connect faster and in real time whenever and in most cases from where ever they wanted to.  Enter the smartphone and social media is now used more than 35 minutes per day by web users.

When we think about social media, most of us think about the 800 pound gorilla on the block, Facebook.  However, there are literally thousands of smaller social networks around the web centered on various topics of interest.  Finding these can be useful when it comes to marketing your business and especially for SEO purposes.  These social media sites allow people to connect around things they are passionate about while sharing information and even buying recommendations.

Why you need to be involved in Social Media?

Social media has brought a whole new level to our ability to market our businesses and inform potential customers about our products and services.  We all know that the best customer is the one that comes from the referral of a current customer or client and this is what makes social media so powerful.

Social media is referral-based marketing that connects consumers with products and services in a very natural way.  Seventy-four percent of people purchase products and services based on the recommendation of others and social media amplifies this process.  Social media users recommend restaurants, products, services and more to those in their circle of influence and this many times leads to those they are connected with taking some type of action.

Your dental office can now tap into this steady stream of social influence and see amazing results.

Social Media Needs To Be Social

We are not trying to be cliché here.  One of the many mistakes businesses make in using social media is to constantly be selling and pitching their product or service when they need to be developing relationships.  We have noticed our social activity goes up when we share things that entertain our audience or inform them rather than always saying buy, buy, buy.

Being social means you need to be sharing things you or your company are involved with in your community such as charity projects or community based service projects.  Let people know if you are sponsoring a local sports team or if you are involved in the local schools in some way.

A Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

Here at TurnKey Dental Marketing, we can help you with a social media marketing campaign that will help build the referral based business you need to survive in this new market place.  We can help you develop and grow a winning Social Media presence that will last for years to come.

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