Dental Content Marketing For Effective Engagement and Conversions

TurnKey Dental Marketing’s Content Marketing Blueprint Will Help You Totally Dominate Your Local Marketing Area

Why You Need A Dental Content Marketing Plan?

You can have the best marketing tools and software, but if you don’t have the write messaging and content that attracts the search engine results, you are wasting time, effort and resources that are unproductive.  Most people focus on the tools of marketing rather than content that speakes to the market segments they are trying to reach.

Your website and all the platforms that are connected to it, need to be a resource center that solves your potential patients problems as well as educates them on the services your provide.

The Dental Content Marketing Blueprint Is A Game Changer

TurnKey Dental Marketing has the only content marketing blueprint available to help dentist in the marketing of their practices.  It is the first 133 page guide that tells exactly:

  • What type of content to create
  • What subjects you need to create content on
  • How to write that content in order for it to be the most engaging
  • How to optimize that content to attract the search engine results
  • How to market the content for maximum exposure
  • How to repurpose that content into other forms in order to reach new audiences
  • Much more …

This puts your office and its marketing on a whole new level compared to your competitors.

Dental Content Marketing Blueprint

Content And Your Local Marketing Strategy

dental content marketingGoogle loves content.  You probably have heard that content is king and it definitely is.


We have consistently seen businesses rank who had powerful content strategies above those who didn’t.  Great content is so powerful that websites that have very few incoming links rank well as Google sees the site as providing value to the searcher.

Content marketing is a long game.  Content will bring traffic to your site months and even years down the road unlike Pay Per Click which runs out when the budget runs out.

You need a structured plan so that you can more methodical in your approach.  This guide provides that structured plan.

A content strategy must have defined goals, a target audience and content that speaks to them.  This guide provides all that and more.

You need content that hits potential patients at 3 different stages:

  1. The awareness stage
  2. The consideration stage
  3. The decision stage

To create your content and stay on track, you will need to create an editorial calendar.  The calendar will be your roadmap and keep the guess out of what content to create next.

This guide provides you with all the content ideas you need.  It takes the guess work out of what to create, how to create it and what to do with it next.

Get Social Too Reinforce Your Content

Social media is a powerful tool and using it to reinforce your content strategy is a must.  Your social channels are an effective way to engage your audience and keep them interested in what is going on your office.

Taking your content and breaking it up into bits in pieces that are posted and tweeted out will help your SEO efforts as well as keep you in front of your audience.

The Power Of A Content Strategy

When we talk about content, we are talking about text, audio and video and the various formats these can be turned into in order to convey your message and educate your readers.  This content can drive marketing and done right, can increase your overall conversion rates.

Content is the ultimate positioning tool.  It can convey your expertise and help potential patients make better decisions.  These patients will reward you with their business because you have understood them and addressed their problems.

Great marketing answers objections before they can be raised.  It projects to your potential patient that you know what is on their mind and because you know them and their desires, you are the best candidate to fix it.

There is absolutely no doubt about it.  Your content marketing can help build your reputation, establish your expertise and cultivate strong relationships with your patients.  It is communicating without sounding to salesy in the process.

This also means that if you are smart about marketing your practice it involves creating highly valuable, relevant and consistent content that will attract and retain new patients and ultimately drive profitable interaction with them.  It is a process and one that requires a commitment in order to be successful.

Do You Want To Have An Average Practice Or A Great Practice

You are probably thinking this is a stupid question but the fact is most doctors want a great practice but they want to do it with mediocre efforts and budgets.  We like to explain it in farming terms.  You cannot plant one row of corn and get 10 rows of corn.  You can only get what one row will produce.

You cannot invest $299 in to your marketing and get $20,000 worth of value from it.  That is not a realistic expectation.

The same is true with your content marketing.  You cannot put a little effort in and hope for super rankings and tons of Google love.

So you may be asking, “why do we need to create all this content?  What good is it really?”

The fact is people use Google to find local dental practices and other businesses around them.  More than 80% of a person’s income is spent within 20 miles of their home.  Google returns results based on the “words” on your site.  It looks for great content that is speaks to the searchers intent and if your content matches their criteria, Google will serve up your site.

The more content types you have can actually help you be seen multiple times in the search results.  For example; your website might be listed along with a video you have on YouTube.  It is also possible for you to show up in the results for your reviews on sites like Yelp.  Imagine having 3 positions on the first page when a search is done because you have taken the time to develop your content strategy and market it correctly.

It’s been found that 74% of potential patients are more likely to buy from an office that provides education on a particular subject.  That is why content marketing is so powerful … it educates people into buying from you.

Solve Their Problems And They Will Love You For It

When people get ready to go to the dentist, most of the time they didn’t just wake up and say, “I think I want to go get shots and drilled on at the dentist today.”

When they seek out a dentist, it is because they have a problem they need solved right away.  Most of the time that is pain.  We are going to go in depth on this in the next section of this guide so get ready.

When a tooth begins to hurt, the fear of the needle seems to magically disappear.  However, most dental websites don’t even address this.

Your content should be solving problems and educating them on their way to better oral health.  People are much smarter searchers these days. They don’t just go type in a word or two into the Google search bar.  They are typing longer query strings or what we called long tailed key phrases and google is examining the intent behind those phrases and will return results based on what it feels the searcher’s intent is.

If you don’t have the content that speaks to these commonly asked questions, you will be and are missing opportunities to attract new patients.  Don’t let that be you.

We are about to enter the content creation part of this guide.  We set out to help dental offices like yours have a basically paint by numbers no guess work system for creating content around things that people are actually searching for.

You don’t have to guess on what topics you need to create content on.  We have done all the work for you.

We have been creating great content for dental websites for years and marketing that content.  We have systematically uncovered the top questions and concerns that people actually search for online.

We can guarantee you that there is probably not a dental office in your area that has or is even coming close to doing what we have done with content and if you follow this plan, you will totally dominate your market area.

If you are ready to get serious about a content plan that actually works and converts, then give us a call today at 337-446-2765.