Dental Video Marketing

Connect With Potential Patients and Educate Current Ones

Build and Strengthen Relationships With New And Current Patients Using Video

A successful dental practice must have a dental video marketing strategy that connects and develops strong relationships with their current patients and those who visit their site for the first time.  From showcasing your practice to introducing your staff, answering common questions or quieting common fears, dental video can help accomplish this and more.  It is the only form of media that can connect the heart with the mind in a way that moves people to greater action.  It simply does what text on a page cannot do.


The 5 Benefits of Dental Video Marketing

  1. You have the ability to understand the behavior of those viewers who interact with your videos.  Understanding how viewers interact with your videos can help you develop better and higher converting video.
  2. Greater Conversions…I have always said that it doesn’t matter how much traffic you have to a website, if you don’t have conversions it is useless.  You have a 64% greater likely hood of a new patient choosing you if they see a video of you and your practice.
  3. Efficiency…New ways are constantly used to share and broadcast video getting your message out faster than ever before.  Couple video with other Social Media outlets and engage them through relationship marketing for greater interaction and conversions.
  4. Search Engine Optimization…All the major search engines have made video a key factor in the search formulas.  Posting an abundance of video on your website and social media platforms can move you higher in the search rankings making your reach even larger.  Video on your dental practice site can increase your chances of appearing on the first page of the search results by 53%.
  5. Video can interact with the human emotion in a powerful way through site and sound.

Unlike reading, video is passive as people listen and watch while letting a story be told and unfold before them.  It is a proven fact that 74% of consumers would rather watch something than read it.  Simply put…Video is an attention getter.

What Type of Video Should Your Practice Use?

  • Practice Showcase Videos
  • Patient Testimonials
  • Discuss Dental Procedures
  • Dental Tips
  • FAQ Videos That Answers Peoples Questions
  • Promotional Video

Here at Turn Key Dental Marketing, we specialize in helping to tell your story and educate your patients with video.  We can come to you or have one of our professional spokespersons do the video for you.  Each video is scripted and inline with the questions people are asking online giving you greater position in your market.

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