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Dental Web Design That Is Effective

Over the years, web design has evolved from hand coding to very robust content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Concrete 5 and custom configurations.  This has made having a presence on the web easier than ever before.  However, just having a pretty website is no where near enough to be successful online.  It requires more thought and planning than ever before in order for you to communicate with current patients and reach new patients who are looking for your services or needing to find a dentist for the first time.

Your dental practice website needs to be a educational marketing machine that engages current and potential patients on every level.  It needs to be mobile responsive so that it can be seen and navigated on every device with ease helping new patients find what they are looking for and current ones able to stay in contact with you at all times.  This is a new day in dental web design and your practice needs to be on the cutting edge or you will find yourself being left behind in the market.

Where Does Effective Dental Web Design Start?

Effective design starts with knowing who you are trying to reach and defining the perfect patient for you.  Many dentist have know idea who their perfect patient is.  They have never defined or put a face on that perfect patient.  This is called a buyer persona.  This is stopping and thinking about who you want to reach.  Who are they?  Where do the live?  What is the median income level?  Are the male or female?  How much money do they spend?  Do they have insurance or not?  How old are they?  Knowing these things can help you develop a message that converts them into patients.

For instance; if you are wanting more implant patients, then your target audience is going to be a bit older crowd with some expendable cash or the ability to get credit.  Then you have to ask yourself “what is the pain points in these peoples lives?”  Is it they don’t want dentures or want an alternative to dentures or do they have a few missing teeth due to decay or trauma?

As a dentist you are most likely utilizing a variety of treatments including teeth whitening, implants, veneers, crowns, periodontal treatments and more, but have you ever thought about sectioning  or segmenting your website in order to speak directly to those who are needing these treatments.  This has a two fold purpose.  One; you are getting rid of clutter by organizing your site in a way that helps your visitors find what they need faster.  Two; you will improve your search engine rankings by providing better user engagement and having a more organized site.  The result for you will be increased conversions and a bigger bottom line.

Dental Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Once you have developed an idea of your perfect patient and done it for each area of your practice, then it’s time to start organizing your site and building it out in a search engine friendly way.  There is a fine line here.  You have to design for your audience but also to attract rankings in the search results and that is where an experienced designer and SEO expert come in.

Don’t make the mistake of having one company do your design and another company do your SEO (search engine optimization).  The two go hand in hand.  An experienced web design and SEO company like Turn Key Dental Marketing has the knowledge and experience to create a great looking website that also has engaging content that appeals to the visitor but also has authoritative content in the form of text, video, images and more to attract the best search engine rankings.

We know you have seen the commercials about how easy it is to build your own and all you do is click publish and you will get found but nothing could be further from the truth.  In order to be effective and get the best rankings, your website must take into account several on-page, on-site and off-page factors in order to be found.  In must be tied into Google’s authorship, Facebook’s graph search, Twitter, include schema mark-up, geo-local tagging and so much more.  I know it sounds overwhelming but Turn Key Dental marketing stays at the forefront of Search Engine Marketing or SEM in order to get you ranking and keep your ranking.

The Necessary Elements of Dental Web Design

There are several necessary elements in order for your dental website to perform well.  One of those is the use of video.  Your website has a 53% greater chance of ranking on the first page of Google if it has video on it.  Video also has a proven higher conversion rate.  It has the ability to connect the heart and the mind like no other media.  You can find out more about dental video marketing here.

The second important element is ease of navigation.  There is nothing more frustrating than landing on a page and not being able to find the info you are looking for or how to get to it.  If someone arrives on your website looking for teeth whitening and all they see is implants and veneers, they will grow frustrated and leave.  A well organized and easy to navigate site is must for your success.

Thirdly is social integration.  Social media has changed the way we do business and especially how we market our businesses.  Your patients are on social media and your new patients are on social media.  Very few dentist user their sites to enhance their social media presence.  Having clear ways to connect with you and your practice through social media on your site is a must and by failing to do so will and is costing you patients.

Fourthly, your website must aid in enhancing your online reputation.  Reputation management is more important than ever and facilitating good reviews is critical.  Your dental practice website needs to assist visitors in seeing reviews by current patients and helping them to easily navigate to review sites like Google Plus Local, Yahoo business, Yelp and others.  It is a proven fact that reviews play an important part in the buying decisions of consumers.

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